Wausau Early Birds Rotary Club, founded in 1993 (Club #29175), is part of Rotary International District 6220. One of The Wausau Early Birds Rotary Club's major purposes is to raise and distribute philanthropic funds for worthy community service projects in the Wausau area. These projects further Rotary’s mission of community and vocational service and the goals of the Wausau Early Birds Rotary Club. In addition, the Wausau Early Birds Rotary Club will support international efforts to eradicate polio and to promote basic needs of the less fortunate in other countries.


General Guidelines

  • Will conform to Rotary International Funding Goals
  • Will conform to Rotary Four-Way Test
  • Will support Rotary mission statement
  • Will be subject to a formal review process
  • Amounts over $2500.00 require majority member approval

Guidelines for Funding

The Wausau Early Birds Rotary Club (‘Club’) accepts proposals from groups and organizations. The Club generally accepts proposals from organizations granted IRS 501(c)(3) status, though other proposals may be considered. The Club currently funds programs from its general endowment funds in the following areas of emphasis:

  • Help for the less fortunate
  • Education for all ages
  • Children and youth
  • Arts and culture
  • Quality of life

Grants can be awarded for:

  • Special program support
  • Specific equipment and materials
  • Capital expenditures
  • Equipment
  • One-time special opportunities/events/projects
  • Participation fees
  • Sponsorships
  • Start-ups and new projects

The Club generally does not award grants for the following:

  • Administrative salaries or annual operating expenses
  • Projects supported by parents for the benefit of their own children, such as youth activity teams, trips, camps, scholarships, etc.
  • Projects for religious or political purposes
  • Individuals
  • Projects of a highly controversial nature
  • Endowments
  • More than two consecutive years of funding except those projects directly associated with Wausau
  • Early Birds Rotary
  • Fundraisers designed to raise dollars to grant out to another organization

We are more likely to fund:

  • Programs that benefit youth
  • Programs and activities that expose youth and adults to different cultures, customs and languages
  • Requests that focus on basic educational skills or basic needs
  • Requests that benefit a large number of recipients
  • Requests that will benefit recipients over multiple years

Grant Limitations


Grants generally range from $100-$2,500. When and if additional monies are available, the Club will entertain requests for projects over $2,500. Grants will not fund 100% of the project cost. The Club Board of Directors will make the final decision on grant applications up to $2500.00, with majority member approval required above that level. The application may be accepted, denied, or tabled for more information. The amount granted may be less than the amount requested. Grants are limited to one per project in a twelve-month period, and for only two consecutive years for a project, except for continuing Rotary programs. A second consecutive year request will be funded at no more than half the first year funding. If a request is declined, an organization may reapply the following year.


Required Reporting


Each grant must be acknowledged in writing promptly upon receipt of the grant funds. In addition, the grant recipient may be asked to attend a meeting of the Wausau Early Birds Rotary Club for presentation of the grant award. It is also requested that all grant recipients provide a letter indicating how grant funds were used within 60 days from the end of the funded project, and a grant recipient may be required to present a report on the progress and outcomes of their project to the Rotary Club membership. The Club may issue information to the media about its grant awards, and recipients should acknowledge the Wausau Early Birds Rotary Club in their publicity.


Application Procedure


Applicants are requested to submit a letter of request with the required information, or complete the form below. Items to be included are as follows:

  1. A clearly defined project with budget outlining the specific use of the grant funds
  2. A copy of the sponsoring organization’s IRS 501(c)(3) Determination Letter, if applicable
  3. A copy of the sponsoring organization’s letterhead, listing the current Board of Directors, if applicable

Grant requests may be considered by the Board on a monthly basis, but at least bi-annually. Award notification or regrets will be sent within 30 days of the Board decision.




Letters and Applications should be addressed to:


Todd Hagedorn

Wausau Early Birds Rotary Club


11 Scott Street, Suite 400
Wausau, WI 54403