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Christmas Poem

by Pat Kinney


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Challenge Statue

Welcome to the Wausau Early Birds Rotary Club web site. The Challenge statue in the photo above was the inaugural project of the Wausau Early Birds Rotary Club over 20 years ago and proudly stands near downtown Wausau, behind the library. The Club enhanced a local park and the entry to downtown Wausau with this statue. The statue memorializes hard work and determination and Wausau's kayaking tradition on the river below.


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Rotary Theme 2017-18

Rotary: Making a Difference

Ian H.S. Riseley - President, Rotary International
Tina Hall - District Governor, District 6220
Tammy Szekeress - President, Wausau Early Birds Rotary Club

Jan Klosinski - President-Elect, Wausau Early Birds Rotary Club